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Daniel Iagolnitzer Foundation 18, rue des Lyonnais, 75005, Paris France

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Welcome to the Daniel Iagolnitzer Foundation website. Une version française est aussi disponible.

The Daniel Iagolnitzer Foundation (DIF), named after its founder (who has worked in the domain of basic science), has been created in 1996 under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the main French institution for social and cultural actions. It establishes partnerships with, and gives supports to various institutions, with priority for specific projects presenting an original aspect, mainly so far in the scientific domain.

Supports distributed in 2005 amount to 80 000 euros.

A summary of main actions is given below.

Most recent Report (January 2006)

Goals mentioned in our last report, to which we refer for more details, have been pursued. Actions in 2005 and orientations for 2006 are outlined below. The foundation is now 10 years old and works on the basis of a total amount of supports, to various projects, over 50000 euros per year (80000 euros in 2005). Priorities are the three domains mentioned in Sections 1,2 and 3 below.

1) Science

  • Henri Poincaré Prize sponsored by the Daniel Iagolnitzer Foundation
  • Most prestigious prize in the domain of Mathematical Physics, created by the foundation in collaboration with the IAMP, International Association of Mathematical Physics (see our previous report). It will be awarded to three new eminent scientists during the International Congress of the IAMP at Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in August 2006 (the financial award is 10000 euros for each one). A special brochure will be produced at this occasion for the 10th anniversary of the prize.

  • supports to scientific international conferences
  • In 2005, support to the conference Physics for Tomorrow", at the UNESCO, launching conference of the International Year of Physics (see last report). A support is planned in 2006 for the participation of young scientists of developing countries (Central and South America) to the Rio Congress of the IAMP.

  • the foundation will pursue its support to the "Séminaire Poincaré" in Theoretical Physics, whose interest and success have been fully confirmed in 2005.

2) Science and Developing Countries

with on the one hand supports allowing the participation of (young) scientists of these countries to international conferences or to stays in France, and on the other hand supports to new scientific Institutes created in Africa.

In this last domain, our main partners are the IAMS (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences) in South Africa, and the CIPMA (Chaire internationale de physique et mathématiques appliquées) au Bénin. Intended both to high level teaching and research, their quality is now largely recognized and, together with other similar institutes to be created, they should play a useful role in the scientific development of Africa. The foundation was associated from the outset to the IAMS and in particular to its francophone sector (almost half of its students now come from francophone African countries).

The foundation also plans to pursue its support to CICUP (French International Committee for the Cooperation with Palestinian Universities).

3) Science and International Humanitarian Law

in close partnership with the ADIF, Association for the Defence of International Humanitarian Fundamental Laws (see last report).

A special effort was made in this domain in 2005. Besides a participation to the conference on the consequences of the use of the Agent Orange in Indochina, organized in March 2005 by the AAFV (Association des amitiés franco-vietnamiennes), the foundation has been the main financial sponsor of the two following international conferences successfully organized by the ADIF in Paris, in September 2005, with the participation of many scientific personnalities:

  • i) "Science in the Service of War and the Responsibility of Scientists"
  • with the sponsorship of UNESCO, Euroscience and Pugwash-France. The organization was made possible due to the supports of our foundation and of Fondation La Ferthé.

  • ii) "International Humanitarian Law and Impunity of Powerful States – the case of the United States"
  • The organization of this conference, at the Palais Bourbon (location of the French National Assembly), was made possible due to the support of our foundation. The case of the United States is of special interest to us since this is the most powerful country also in science and is the country where the (mis)use of science for war, often in contradiction with International Humanitarian Law, is most developed.

Two books, in the line of these conferences, should be published in 2006. Partnership with the ADIF in this domain should be pursued.

4) Other actions

The foundation will also be pleased to pursue its support to the Festival des Arcs and to the Association des lauréats du concours général (see details in our last report) whose activities have been succssfully developed in 2OO5.